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Funding, People, and a Plan: Takeaways for Fintech Founders from the Propel Summit

What do successful startup founders and VC investors have in common? They get out ahead of funding rounds and keep revisiting possible deals. At the Propel Summit in April, experienced founders and our peers in venture capital talked about the same journey from their different vantage points, and offered similar advice about raises: start talking early and keep circling back.
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Propel at the Presidio: Friends & Fintech

We were delighted that so many founders and friends were able to join at the 2019 Propel Summit at the Presidio earlier this month. Here are highlights from the conversations that took place on stage: While Brexit delays were in the top headlines that morning, Jekaterina Govina from Bank of Lithuania explained how regulators in Lithuania are inviting fintech startups
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Navigating the Regulators Video

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Going Global with Money20/20 Video

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Betting on Banks of the Future Video

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Programmable Money: Builders of the Digital Economy Video

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Less Talk More Action: Financial Wellness Video

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What is the Future of Work? Video

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Stories from the Road: The Fintech Fundraising Journey Video

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