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  • EaseCentral Investment and Partnership

    Today we are excited to announce Propel’s investment in EaseCentral, a cloud-based benefits enrollment platform built for insurance brokers and employers. EaseCentral turns every broker into a supercharged digital broker. Even the smallest agency will be able to bring its expertise to a digital platform with accurate, up-to-date information, making open enrollment periods far less stressful for benefits managers and employees. The EaseCentral team lead by founders David Reid and Courtney Guertin have worked closely with leading insurance brokers and more...

  • Partnering at the Pace of Startups

    As attitudes around financial technology have shifted from “disruption” to “partnerships,” we here at Propel have had a front-row seat. We’re excited about bank and startup collaboration and we’ve also seen the challenges both sides face. When banks and startups better understand the culture and pragmatic concerns of the other, we’ll see a higher percentage of courtships result in real collaboration, bringing products and services to market that will ultimately result in better user experiences for bank customers. Many hurdles...

  • Startup founders share experiences at first annual Propel CEO Summit

    Why hasn’t someone already done this? That question came up more than once as entrepreneurs took the mic at the start of our first annual gathering of startup leaders and our BBVA partners in Sausalito this April. The whirlwind introductions touched on:    What would it mean to have a portable, universal, digital ID?    How can employers offer more versatile benefits?    What are the possibilities for AI—and what’s already here? We took a deep dive into the process...

  • BankThink: Fintech doesn’t need D.C.’s help

    "We achieved a lot when we left the Beltway, refocused and returned to our business plans and our customers.” Ryan Gilbert writes about the industry effort that went into “A Framework for FinTech,” a paper released in the final days of the Obama administration. Read his American Banker piece here.    

  • Providing Employees with the Real Retirement Benefit They Deserve

    The employer-sponsored retirement plans market grew from $4.4 trillion in 2014 to over $6 trillion by 2016. Yet, small businesses struggle to offer retirement plans because they are expensive and hard to administer. Of companies with fewer than 100 employees, only 45% had 401(k) plans in 2015. Even when employers offer retirement plans, they can’t force employees to participate or guarantee they will. According to the Department of Labor, nearly one-third of eligible workers don’t participate in their employer’s sponsored...

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